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MTBF calculation with Siemens SN 29500
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  Siemens SN 29500
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SN 29500 has been developed and is maintained and updated by Siemens company, with the latest issue 2011.
In simple words, SN 29500 is a ready-for-use version of IEC 61709 (also published by Siemens company).
It is a disadvantage that SN 29500 consists of 12
  individual documents which have to be bought separately at a very high total cost of about 600 €, but these 12 documents are so tiny that their total extent is comparable with other electronic reliability prediction standards, which usually cost not more than 150 €.

All 12 documents have individual revisions, which makes it difficult to name a formal SN 29500 revision. As of 2015,  issue dates of SN 29500 documents vary from 2004 to 2011.

For electromechanical components like switches, relays, contactors and connectors, Siemens SN 29500 offers the most sophisticated and therefore the best calculation models among all electronic reliability standards, while keeping the required model parameters even simple to assess.
With respect to ICs, SN 29500 is the only standard to distinguish between application types, for example operational amplifier, voltage supply, regulator, switched regulator, etc.

In general however, SN 29500 is rather a simple standard with limited component type coverage and a limited set of different categories. Furthermore, it offers only one environment type, which is not even described at all. Practical experience suggests that the SN 29500 environment type is probably avarage industrial environment.

Since it is a german standard, SN 29500 is always a good choice in germany with the exception of military and aviation industry. Furthermore, SN 29500 has even some global recognition.

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