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Windchill Quality Solutions Training, formerly Relex Software

Since 2001 we have been continuously working with Windchill Quality Solutions aka Relex. As official Relexsoftware Corporation partners we have supported Relex in continental Europe many years and have conducted a lot of class room trainings and in-house trainings throughout Europe.

We will continue conducting Windchill Quality Solutions trainings in either german or english language.
Depending on customer needs and infrastructure, we can offer several training variants described below:

Onsite in-house training. Customer must provide only accomodation and a data projector.
We will bring up to 8 Notebooks with installed Windchill Quality Solutions software.
Relex files and projects created during the training will be saved and provided to customer afterwards.
Onsite in-house training. Customer will provide everything including computers with installed Relex software.  Customer must make sure that Windchill Quality Solutions is running on all training computers. Customer's infrastructure must allow our computer being connected with the data projector.
Mix between 1a and 1b. We will bring the rest needed for the training.
Webinar. We take the lead and customer is watching.
Relex files and projects created during the training will be saved and provided to customer afterwards.
Webinar. Customer takes the lead and gives us access to his computer.
Customer must provide access to his computer. 

Training Agenda

Our training content is based on our long year practical experience with Windchill Quality Solutions. It is significantly different from the official american style training material.

Our focus is on the workflow. We aim to show our customers how they get their work done efficiently rather than demonstrating the capabilities of Windchill Quality Solutions. This software has strengths and bugs like any other software, and we show customers how to benefit from the strengths and how to cope with the bugs.
We encourage customers to bring real BOMs and projects either into the training, or even better, send them to us so that we can prepare the training accordingly. Our training experience shows that customers get the most out of the training when they see their own stuff in the training.

While each training is individual, the following coarse Agenda applies:

General introduction into Reliability
Content depends on
  • customer knowledge and experience
  • Relex modules to be trained
    • If any Relex module but FMEA is in scope of the training, then introduction into reliability is a must. If only FMEA alone is in scope, introduction into reliability is an option. 
General organization of the software. Projects, folders and files. File handling, archiving, dos and don'ts from Windows perspective.
A small but very important topic.
Module by module.
While each module can be learned and used inependently from other modules, it is recommended for didactical reasons to treat them in this order:
1. Reliability Prediction --> 2. FMEA --> 3. Fault Tree or RBD --> 4. any other module.
Note: Reliability Prediction takes longer than any orther module.

The top selleing modules of Relex are (in order of licenses sold):
Further modules: 

 Windchill Quality Solutions aka Relex background information

The name Relex has been changed into Windchill Quality Solutions when PTC took over the software. This new name is quite misleading because it suggests a reletionship with quality in general. This may be didactically true, but it is not in line with the perception of existing and potential customers. Like competitive software Isograph Reliability Workbench and ALD Ram Commander, Relex is a typical RAMS software package used in R&D and ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) departments, but not in Quality departments.
PTC probably changed the name in order to make it consistent with new sales channels.

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