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MTBF Calculation for your Systems and Assemblies
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MTBF Calculation Services

You need professional MTBF calculations including documentation in formal reports that comply with your industry's needs and conventions.
Here is a sample MTBF report.

MTBF calculations are usually made for the following purposes:
  1. MTBF is usesd as an estimate for the expected frequency of failures,
  2. MTBF calculation serves as basis for more sophisticated downstream reliability and safety analyses.
MTBF vs. Lifetime
I have many years of experience in MTBF calculations as well as in MTBF and reliability training and consulting, in particular:
I have significant experience in justifying MTBF calculation results to end customers and experts.
Valid MTBF calculations may need detailed preliminary discussion with customers, expecially in the lack of precise requirements.


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